Allow Yourself to Cry ...
To some of you this might sound very weird but it’s true, crying you eyes out when you are hurt is usually the first and the best step to moving on. I’m not saying that you should make it public and make it all dramatic of how he hurt you, find a secret place to do it… your bedroom, bath room or even a private place at the beach… anywhere! Just a find a place where you can cry, scream or even curse your lungs out. The most important thing is that you express how you feel in the greatest way possible.
Immediately break all contact with him
No matter what the reason may be for your break up whether he cheated or you did or maybe things just didn’t work out… it’s important that you completely keep out of contact with him. So delete and block him from facebook,twitter, whatsapp,wechat,skype, etc..
The point is that you completely pull him out of your life.
Get rid of everything that reminds you of him
This maybe very hard for you but believe me, it’s a crucial a step in your journey to get over him. So those pictures you posted of the two of you in your instagram, Delete them! That necklace he gave you for your birthday, Sell it and buy yourself a new pair of heels.
This along with breaking all contact with him will help you to get him out of your system.
Distract yourself
To prevent you from thinking about what he did to you and all the pain it caused you. You need to distract yourself and by going into another man’s bed isn’t the smartest thing to do as it mostly may cause to you getting your feelings hurt again.
So I suggest that you should distract yourself by doing activities, start a new project, go for dancing classes, go to the movies or even go ice skating… whatever will keep you mind off your break-up.
Love And Pamper Yourself.

What you need to remember is to put yourself first at all time. So go out and have some fun and always remember that they are many fish in the sea.