1  He’s suddenly always “busy”

Before he always to wanted to hang out with you and be with you but now his either taking overtime at work or hanging out with the “boys” or his too tired or doesn’t have anytime to go out with you. You guys used to always have special date nights or dinners or lunches and he always looked up to doing them, but now he forgets about them and cancels or he isn’t hungry..



2 You’re not having s*x anymore

Ladies, when he isn’t fighting for your cookie anymore its always a huge sign that he’s getting it somewhere else but it can also go the other way around if he suddenly wants to have s*x more than usually that can mean that his s*xual appetite has increased from having s*x with another woman. If he now tries to do all tons of new moves with you then he could be picking them from his new lady..



3 He’s behaving unusual when it comes to the phone

So he takes his calls outside, he texts endlessly and he has started to lock his phone?? These are all good signs that he is busy with another girl. Does he always end his conversations on the phone when you enter the room or does he always promise to keep his phone close to him when you call but when you call its “battery died”? if so then he might be cheating on you.


4 He explains too much

You ask him a simple question about where his been and he gives you a novel of a story to explain where? Cheaters often give an long explanation for something and go into a lot of detail to try and convince you. i say if it sounds rehearsed then it probably has! Think carefully and don’t believe his lies!


5 He’s accuses you of cheating

Is he suddenly questioning what you’re up to? Does he always suspect your actions ? The thing with cheaters is that they always think that because they are unfaithfully to their partners then that means their partners are also being unfaithful to them but that isn’t always the case. Don’t allow him to belittle you like that let him know that you know the game he’s playing and you refuse to play it too!


6 And last but not least if your gut instinct tells you he’s a cheater

Everyone has a sixth sense if you have a feeling that his cheating on you then you are probably right confront him about it and see what he says and how he acts.