A Canadian tourist has been arrested in Nepal on charges that he lured a nine-year-old boy to his hotel room and had sex with him.

Ernest Fenwick Macntosh, 71, was arrested at a hotel in Lalitpur, a suburb south of the capital, Kathmandu.

He was detained by the district court until the charges can be further investigated, Lalitpur’s police chief Pushpa Ranjit said.

It is alleged that Macintosh, who has a string of previous child sex offenses, threatened the boy.

Officials have not given any others details on the case because it involves a minor. But, if convicted, MacIntosh could face up to 10 years in jail.

MacIntosh arrived in Nepal on a tourist visa in August 2014, and was a frequent visitor to the children’s shelter where the boy lived and they met there.

Canadian news reports said the tourist was originally from Nova Scotia and had 17 child sex offense convictions against him.

He was accused of sexually abusing boys in the 1970s and the allegations surfaced in 1995, when he was living in India.

But he wasn’t extradited until 2007, and the first of his two trials in Nova Scotia didn’t start until 2010. His convictions were quashed in April 2013.

Police are also investigating whether there are any other minors involved.