A MAN is being accused of killing a two-day-old baby girl by using her as a weapon to attack his girlfriend.

The mum told police she was hit with the baby on Sunday after he asked if he was the father.

Warrant Officer Wanda Olivier confirmed on Monday that Best Care Ambulance Services was called and treated the baby at 3.05am.

The service’s Xander Loubser a paramedic found the baby lying without a pulse in her own vomit and covered by a towel. She was not breathing on her own and was taken to hospital.

The mum told paramedics the father swung the baby by the feet to hit her after the quarrel broke out. After that, the baby was thrown to the floor. According to the mum and paramedics, the man was drunk.

It was found that the baby had suffered brain trauma and later died. The mum sustained only a scrape wound.

The father was arrested for murder. Olivier said he would appear in the Pretoria Magistrates Court.

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