Abuse is the act of treating a person or animal treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. It comes in many forms (verbally, physically, emotionally, etc…) but either way it is still abuse.

Abuse affect us all in some way and that’s why it is important for us to always keep informed and spread the word that abuse on any human being should not be accepted in our society!

So some celebrities took it to themselves to open up about how their abuse stories in hopes that will encourage other victims to also speak out. See the stories below.

Carol Tshabalala

In an interview with Bona magazine in 2014, Carol, who got married at 19, revealed details about her failed marriage. She told the mag: “I felt trapped in marriage because I was never really given space to flourish as an individual.” She said she was young and didn’t know much about relationships and that her ex-husband took her for granted. “Overall, the marriage was one where I was emotionally and physically abused.”

Letoya Makhene 

The Generations: The Legacy actress revealed to True Love magazine that she was abused in her marriage for years. She told the mag that her marriage with her ex-husband started out well and that he was a loving and attentive partner. However, things changed when he lost his job.

“We began arguing then things escalated into physical abuse. It was hectic. Our families and police had to be called in most times. The abuse went on for a good few years because I was scared of him… I was at a stage when talking to people I couldn’t even look them in the eye because I was so traumatised,” she said.

Carol Ofori

Carol, who got married to Greg Ofori in 2014, also shared how she was abused in a previous relationship. She said on East Coast Radio: “In the beginning it was amazing. I was showered with so many material things. Like that’s the one thing I remember distinctly is the materialistic stuff was always present.”

However, things changed. “The sad part was when I look back at it, he never changed, he was exactly the same. I wanted to focus on making him look like a good person through the things he would buy me and not necessarily by the way he treated me.”

The radio DJ said she was abused from the moment she walked into that relationship. “It was only masked by all the things I thought was a sign of love. And having left it I am so grateful that I have left the relationship.”