Some celebs have just postponed starting their families until later in life, and others refrain from delivering early in an attempt to maintain their figure.As an ode to those brave, sexy creatures we bring you a list of Hollywood’s first time moms over 40.

1. Eva Mendes

Eva welcomed daughter Esmerelda Amada when she was 40 years old, with boyfriend Ryan Gosling. The star previously admitted she never wanted children, but clearly if anyone could change your mind, Hey Girl…it’s Ryan Gosling.


2. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon was told she would never have children due to Endometriosis, but at 42 she had her son Jack. To her amazement, she got pregnant again at 45 and later gave birth to her second son, Miles. Both boys were with ex Tim Robbins.



3. Marcia Cross

Desperate Houswife Marcia Cross, now 52, gave birth to twin girls at age 44. “Your forties is not the time to be thinking about getting pregnant,” she said, apparently it wasn’t a really desirable experience for the actress.

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah became pregnant for the first time at 41, with twins Monroe and Moroccan “Holding those twins in — you have to keep them in as long as possible. It’s a sacrifice you make for them. Literally I was like, 47-weeks pregnant. And anybody pregnant right now, there’s push gifts here. Tell your baby-father.”Oh, and did we mention her then husband Nick Cannon got her a pink sapphire and diamond necklace with their children’s names on it?


5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry was 41 when she got pregnant with daughter Nahla and was surprised when she became pregnant again at 46.


6. Rachel Zoe

Fashion designer extraordinaire Rachel Zoe of The Zoe Report, had her son Skyler near her 40th birthday, and then had her other son Kaius two years later.

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7. Geena Davis

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Geena Davis had her first child at 46,  and then had twins at 48! Respect Geena, straight up respect.

8. Jane Kaczmarek

Famous “Malcom In The Middle” mom Jane Kaczmarek had her three children at 41, 44 and 46.

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9. Jane Krakowski

The 30 Rock star delivered her first child at 46. She managed to hide her pregnancy for quite a while. In fact, she hid it until her tummy was so obviously with child that she couldn’t deny it anymore.

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10. Holly Hunter

In 2006, 47 year old Holly Hunter gave birth to twin boys.


Hayek and her French billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault had their first child together when Salma was 41. Hayek gained 50 pounds during this pregnancy, and looks fondly on being able to see herself “completely disfigured…for good reason.”


12. Lisa Loeb

Grammy nominated singer Lisa Loeb, the artist who brought the world her hit “Stay” gave birth to her children at 41 and 44.


13. Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman gave birth for the time at 40, to a child with country star husband Keith Urban, and to this day at 47 she says she prays every month that she will be pregnant again.

14. Nancy Grace

Television personality and political commentator Nancy Grace had twins at age 47, a son and a daughter

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