Minister of Home Affairs wife , Norma Gigaba has defended her decision to splash R11,000 on a pair of Jon Buscemi designer sneakers after causing outrage on social media.

Norma Gigaba says that her designer shoes were bought by herself and not by her husband.

An IT executive, Gigaba can be seen showing off the latest designer threads on her Instagram account, @Mrs_Gigabyte. Gigaba has an eye for exclusive designs, so much so that she took David Tlale to task for redesigning her wedding gown for a taxi boss’s wife.

An image surfaced online of Gigaba wearing two different Jon Buscemi sneakers – a red and white one. One pair retails for over R10,000. Gigaba cleared up the air over what many deemed was a blatant show of extravagance by stating that the owner of the store made her put on both pairs and took  a picture of her.

She only purchased one pair. “The money I am spending is mine.

“I have no tender, as some people believe and neither do I spend Malusi’s money. The R11, 000 I paid for the sneakers was my hard-earned money. “It was not about the price, as some people are making it seem. Not once have I ever put up a price on anything I post on social media.”