Boity Thulo is not happy with her “shrinking” butt!The sexy actress was overheard telling a friend at an event in Jozi “I think my butt has shrunk it looks smaller than before”

This revelation comes as a surprise, since Boity’s Marie Claire naked shoot exposed her firm booty, which caused an Internet uproar and elevated her public profile to even greater heights.

“I couldn’t believe my ears. Here’s a woman whose booty has caused women all over the country to take up squats, saying that her booty is shrinking?

“Maybe it’s these muscle-toning exercises she’s started doing that are contributing to the shrinkage of her booty,” the source said.

Since the naked shoot pictures surfaced, Boity has been busy with back-to-back interviews, advising women on how she attains her perfect booty.

She encourages women to live by squats to get toned and firm asses.

She’s taken her training and exercise so seriously that at one point she was lambasted for taking it too far.

“We all aspire to be healthy.

“But the problem with exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle is that once a person starts, they sometimes become obsessed and end up losing their original body form.

“Look at other celebrities who started out losing weight healthily and got caught up in the exercise obsession,” the source added.

The unlucky-in-love Boity, who was briefly linked to rapper Cassper Nyovest, seems not to be bothered by the criticism

“What I love about Boity is she keeps keeping on no matter what is said about her.

“Her dissatisfaction with her booty shows that celebrities are also human and have their own flaws, no matter what the public celebrates as their strength.

“I just wish she could be extra careful about what she says on public platforms,” the source said.

Boity continues to be one of the most sought- after actresses and media personalities in the South African entertainment industry.

“Yes, it’s true I felt my booty was shrinking,” she said

“It was because I was off gym during the festive season and it seems like it was losing its firmness and becoming smaller.

“I’m now back at gym and doing squats and already I can see my booty is slowly coming back to what it was.

“I’m focusing on exercising and in no time I’ll have my original booty back.”