Mshoza shares her skin lightening process.


Last year Shwa had advised Kelly Khumalo to ask Mshoza on her secrets to skin lightening; Dear Kelly Khumalo when bleaching don’t forget the fingers. Guess what? Kelly is asking.

We all know that Nomasonto Mshoza Maswanganyi has a hectic regiment to keep her skin ‘white white’.

The kwaito star openly and unapologetically shares her skin lightening journey.

Recently she posted a picture of herself at the dermatologist and her friend and singer Kelly responded with a plea to be taken to.

The star wrote: “Wangishiya. (You left me behind!)”

Luckily for her Mshoza will make an appointment for both of them.

Several industry insiders close to Kelly have claim the unfortunate changes are the result of her using cheap skin lighteners bought from a shop in downtown Joburg.

Kelly and her younger sister Zandile Khumalo have apparently been using cheap lightening creams.

Mshoza was not as forthcoming in her response.

But for Kelly sake Mshoza’s skin whitening regimen includes an intravenous treatment that delivers very high doses directly into the systemic circulation, overloading the renal circulation. This can set you back R10,000 for the first treatment. Subsequent visits to the doctor will vary from R2700 to R900.

This costly treatment must include a sponsor of some sort. Mshoza did ask for donations earlier this year. Mshoza’s birthday wish: Skin products

So if you are looking to whiten or lighten your skin, freckles, age spots and acne marks ne ready to pay a lot.