Apparently wearing a huge diamond ring on your left hand doesn’t always mean that you are engaged. Nicki Minaj left fans shocked when she posted a picture on her instagram of a huge diamond ring on her left hand (See picture below) and naturally we all thought that she had gotten engaged to her current boyfriend Meek Mill but we were all wrong!


A month later (May) Meek Mill decided to clear the air and deny rumours that he and girlfriend Nicki Minaj are preparing to wed but he did however admit that the two are having a relationship. He explained that they are still getting to know each other and that they are not ready to get married.

“[Our relationship] is definitely real, but it ain’t really time to get married yet,” he tells The Fader for its June/July cover story. “We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out.”

Seems like the fans weren’t the only ones who were fooled. At Coachella , Drake reportedly brought Minaj on stage to say “congratulations and all that,” and even  rapper T.I. approached Mill at a Beverly Hills restaurant to congratulate him on his engagement.

Even Mill’s grandmother thought he had proposed: “Whatever she sees on TV, she believes,” he says.


So was Nicki just pulling a publicity stunt ? or are they really engaged but are just trying to keep it on the down – low?? Share with us your thoughts by commenting at the section below or on our Facebook page.
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