TV presenter Minnie Dlamini (24) has graduated from being a girl to being a woman.

The SABC1 sports presenter was officially honoured for her responsible behaviour in a traditional ceremony held in her hometown, Durban, KZN.

According to tradition, the ceremony is only performed for a woman who reached adulthood without a conceiving a child.

Minnie spent the whole week hiding indoors at home as part of the ceremony and was finally unveiled to the public during the traditional ceremony called Umhlonyana.

As part of the tradition before we could be granted permission for an interview some money had to be paid.The money is said to be for the ancestors.

“I’ve been in this room since Monday and I’ve been wearing the same clothes but I’m allowed to bath. After the ceremony has been completed I will come out as a new woman,” said Minnie.

My  friends stayed indoors with me and we were singing and dancing most of the time.

On Thursday I went to fetch a spear at my uncle’s house in Clermont in the west of Durban.“We sang until my uncle Mzwa came out to give me the spear and then we went back home to Durban North.

“I feel honoured and excited that my parents have performed this tradition for me. I’ve always said that I’m a Zulu girl and I respect my culture,” she said.

The weather is very sunny, which is normally accompanied by rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon. And to prevent such rain, her grandmother carried a sandal on her back while the other sandal was placed on the roof of the house.

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Minnie and her girls, who are known as amaqhikiza (maidens), sang and danced while they were all heading to the river at Bellair for cleansing.

“The clothes that I’ve worn throughout the week were thrown into and washed away by the river,” said Minnie.

At the river, her aunties made her drink a traditional medicine and she had to vomit before she could be considered cleansed.

At noon there was a cultural dance where guests also gave Minnie money.

Guests included Basetsana Kumalo and her youngest son, Zoleka Mandela and Dudu Khoza