There was movie style drama at Benoni police station as a group of Nigerian nationals stormed the station and threatened police officers with death and also to burn the station.

They were demanding an explanation about a Nigerian man, suspected to be in possession of illegal substances, who is believed to have suffered an asthma attack in the Benoni CBD when pulled over for questioning, today (January 24).They alleged he was strangled by one of the police officers.

This is according to acting media liaison officer WO Ramothakhi Maqabe.
Maqabe said the man was pulled over in a motor vehicle by two police officers
from the K9 dog unit, who were clothed in full uniform and in a marked vehicle, on Tom Jones Street.

“He was suspected of carrying illegal substances and pulled over for questioning,” said Maqabe.

He said the man collapsed from what was suspected to be an asthma attack
and was transported to the Tambo Memorial Hospital.

“The man was alive when transported to hospital and we are still awaiting updates on his condition,” he said.

Members of the community surrounded the Benoni Police Station soon after the incident, causing an uproar.

Harpur Avenue was closed off and scores of police, EMPD and security vehicles were in evidence.


Residents from the nearby flats watch from a distance

A group of nigerian nationals also gather to see the drama unfold



A police helicopter hovering over the police sation with a armed sniper draped on the side