Thousands of hearts broke when “The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev she announced on Monday that she is leaving the show. She has been one of the biggest and most loved actresses on “The Vampire Diaries” for 6 years where she starred in The CW supernatural drama as Elena Gilbert since its premiere in September 2009.


The 26-year-old actress posted a photo of herself hugging the show’s 42-year-old co-creator and executive producer Julie Plec as she announced her departure from the popular series. See the picture below!


‘I’ve just spent the most beautiful weekend on Lake Lanier in Georgia with my own TVD Family, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries. I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn’t just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party,’ Nina wrote in the caption.

‘I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime.


  A source close to the actress said that “One person who isn’t sad to see Nina leave is Nikki. She has definitely been persona non grata on the set and it made things uncomfortable with her and Ian. It’s a relief that Nikki can now visit her fiance on set and not worry about any awkwardness with his ex and her friends,”

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