Nonhle Thema TV presenter announced on the 19th of February that she will be  leaving Club 808. She said that she feels like the show now needs more younger presenters as she feels too old for the music show and would rather focus on mature things like acting.“I am currently focusing on developing my acting career and honing my skills in other serious aspects of television production,” she said.

Recently YFM’s Mo Flava also announced that he was leaving the entertainment show. She thanks her fans for all her time on the show. “The Club 808 viewers have been amazing and I’d like to thank them for their support,” Thema said.

Thema says there were no hard feelings with etv as it was a personal decision to leave. “My relationship with remains solid and I am definitely looking forward to working with them on other projects in the future,” Club 808 publicist, Michael Pocock, confirmed Thema’s departure.

“Mo Flava and Nonhle Thema left to pursue other projects,” he said. He did say they are making changes to the show to make it more appealing to a younger market. “Basically the show will be having a new time slot from 6 March. We are getting two new presenters can’t confirm yet.”

“We are now appealing to a younger market. Content of the show will not change.”




From GossipGirlsa we would like to say, We will miss you guys and good luck with any of your future plans.