Nyan'+Nyani+(Luyanda+Potwana)1Luyanda Potwana presenter of “Nyan Nyan”






“Trying to get into my pants didn’t work. Now he’s bitter because he didn’t get my punani.” says  Lerato Makgatho


26 year old model, Lerato Mkgatho obtained a protection order from the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court against Luyanda Potwana who is the presenter of a SABC 1 show called Nyan Nyan which encourages and supports couples to be truthful and honest amongst each other.

The model claimed Potwana (33) was “bitter” because he did not get to use his dip stick to check her love oil during their relationship.

She alleged he was calling her with a “private number” and insulting her verbally with phrases like “broke a**  b*tch” and “crazy woman”.

“I didn’t return the affection he was looking for. He tried to impress me with expensive gifts when he bought me a Samsung [Galaxy] S4 last year. After the phone gift, I told him I was uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“Trying to get into my pants didn’t work. Now he’s bitter because he didn’t get my p*nani,” said Makgatho. “He told me he’s got friends in high places and I can kiss my modelling career goodbye once he’s done with me.

“Even with this protection order, I still feel intimidated because I don’t know these ‘friends in high places’ and how they can kill my career.”

Potwana said he was going “to act” against the model because he had been “too lenient with her”.

“I don’t want it to be like I’m destroying her career because she’s trying to do something,” he fumed. “Once I am done with her, no one will touch her in this industry.”

He said Makgatho must prove the harassment claims, but brushed aside allegedly buying her a smartphone, saying he was a “broke” presenter who drives an old Renault.

Makgatho told Sunday World all she wanted was peace and to move on with her career.

“I regret the day I met this obsessed guy because he’s damaging my reputation, saying I’m a ‘crazy’ woman who wants to be famous at his expense,” she said.

“Even if I returned his affection, I feel he was going to sleep with me and dump me when he was done. His Facebook messages suggest he’s a very forceful guy.”

The protection order was issued two weeks ago and restrains Potwana from “harassing and insulting” Makgatho.