We all know that Cassper and Boity were a couple a few years ago as he explained at an interview he had with Heat Magazine in 2014 that his heart still belongs to Boity.

The rapper then explained that the reason for the break up was a “major f**king up” on his part.

“I f**ked up and wish I could mend things. But it’s not really in my power,”  Adding to that he said, “I’ve never loved anybody like that. Boity is amazing. With her it was really emotional.”

But unlike most exs these two seem to have stayed the best of buddies so its only natural that Nyovest would say some sweet words to her on her birthday.


The Doc Shebeleza singer added the above picture on his instagram and said that even though they are not as close as they used to be, that he still feels the same way about her like how he felt about her when he was 16 years old, “We may not be as close as we used to be but you’ll always mean what you meant to me when I was 16″ said Nyovest

And he added that “That’s why I still have the same pose in our pictures together. Even though I’m a bit more Swaggy now. Lol… Remain beautiful and warm as you are. If anything, grow in the same direction. Love you always. Happy birthday the best. @boity

But before that Cassper posted this picture of a young Boity and a young Cassper together before all the fame.

cassper and boity-gossipgirlsaHe captioned it as “Happy birthday ntwana. Shem you’ve come far hle… Oreng kao matcha? How could you even date this loser? Lol @boity

Aww 🙂 We think that this is totally sweet!! but we can’t help thinking that they might get back together.

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