Attention to all of you who have shared a Pulane n*de!!

After being the most talked about person in social media and being a victim of ‘revenge p*rn’. When her ex-boyfriend decided to post a n*de photo she had  sent to him.

Although the 31-year-old law student Lenkoe decided against taking the matter to the authorities; the Films and Publications Board is not prepared to let him and others like him get off that easily.


“Service providers will be used to find the first person to post the picture. They will be dealt with harshly,” Films and Publications Board chief operations officer Sipho Risiba said.

“If you assault someone and you take that video and upload that video…that is a continuation of that assault. It’s crimen injuria,” elaborated Risiba.

The policy will give network operators the right to share the personal details of those who have been found to have shared the said videos with the authorities.