Residents of Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni told the Sa GossipTeam that sangomas sell this muthi to gogos at pension pay-points.

A woman who didn’t want to be named said: “I was pushed too far by my husband’s nyatsi.

“This nyatsi told me she was going to have my man to herself. I bought the muthi and followed the instructions.

“I’m not proud but I had to protect my territory.”

Gogo Lettie Mayisela told Sa Gossip that a sangoma selling muthi approached her.

“He said his bones revealed that my neighbour was jealous of my successful children,” said Lettie.

“He asked if I didn’t want the muthi to hit her with a stroke.

“I never went back to him as I can’t do something like that.  “I leave everything to God.”

A sangoma showed the Sa GossipTeam the stroke muthi.

“We mix different muthi to make it,” said the sangoma.

“The attacker must dig a small hole outside his yard and stick in a brand new knife.

“The person must drink the muthi which is diluted in a 500ml container.

“They must spit the muthi in four directions, calling the name of the victim in their heart.”

The sangoma said if you call the victim’s name out loud, it will be easy for the bones to detect it was sent by you.

She said the attacker must wash afterwards with intelezi.

“The intelezi protects you in case the person wants to hit back,” said the sangoma.

“It will block that person from attacking you.”