The Mayor Leagues DJz’s song, “Slyza Tsotsi” which  features Cassper Nyovest, Okmalumkookat, Ricky Rick and Carpo, has had South Africans showing off their best pantsula dances and SuperSport had to just jump in the “Slyza Tsotsi” wagon.. And guess what Mr Cassper Nyovest is not happy about it AT ALL!! The channel is apparently using the “Slyza Tsotsi” in promos for PSL games..

He tweeted: “SuperSport 4 is using the Slyza Tsostsi slogan. Are we getting paid? Nope. Just like when Savanna used my sh**. Corporates never loved us.”

Major League tweeted: “#SlyzaTsotsi Slogan is on SuperSport!Hawu? Where and who? No one has approached us for it?”

Nyovest 1

Riky Rick tweeted: “The crazy thing is that we know so many people up there. Sad that they don’t respect us. #SlyzaTsotsi.”

Last year, alcohol brand Savanna angered Cassper after using his hit track Doc Shebeleza in an advert for Savanna Dark cider.

The ad used the tag line “Dark, dark Shebeleza” – a play on his smash hit, Doc Shebeleza.

He went on Facebook to vent: “Didn’t get a cent from this campaign and it’s everywhere on social networks. Pretty f***ed up what these corporates can do to us small fish who work hard to accumulate popularity and relevance. I’m sho they will say they have nun to do with it even doe it came from they Twitter account so I ain’t even gonna budge with legal sh** but I was just saying. Le tlala la lona. This is wack.”

SuperSport spokesman Clinton van der Berg dismissed the hullabaloo, saying: “Slyza Tsotsi has been part of tsotsi taal for a while.

“Had SuperSport used the song, which we didn’t, Cassper would have been quite right to complain.

“The phrase, however, is a rich part of popular culture. As far as we are aware Cassper owns no copyright to the slang itself.”