“Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack”.

This was what Taylor Swift said , shortly after her Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked.

The 1989 singer’s friend Hayley Williams  from Paramore, alerted her through a text message  about the takeover of her social media accounts. Taylor’s team was quick to take down the messages and photos shared by the hackers on her account, and also make the appropriate changes so this never happened again.

Taylor shook off the drama and went to her Tumblr page to confirm her accounts were in fact hacked, and to tell her Swifties not to follow the usernames mentioned in her tweets! Also, the singer sent a message to the hackers on her Twitter, who claim to have inappropriate photos of her. She wrote,

Taylor Swift Twitter Hackers Message

Way to go, Taylor, way to stand up for yourself ! You really “Shaked” them off… Did you see the hackers messages on Taylor’s accounts that morning? Did you know instantly that she was hacked?