On Sunday celebs Omuhle Gela and K Naomi got their accounts ready and set war on each other in twitter.

It isn’t clear what or who started the twitter war but the two tweets below show us that something clearly happened. The tweets were unfortunately deleted but fortunately for us, we managed to take screen shoots of the action.  See the pictures below!



Naomi and Lunga used to date and she recently opened up to “The Real Goboza” about why things didn’t work out,:

“Things didn’t work out. I don’t think it was our time. He’s doing great in the industry; girls are flocking. I think it’s not an issue, what the issue is how he entertains them or… fits a line between respect and trying too hard… I was like ‘me I’m not fighting any girls. I’m dating you; I’m not dating these girls. So if you’re not willing to step up and respect me than clearly we’re not seeing eye-to-eye’.”

So judging by K Naomi’s tweet, was she saying that Omuhle was Lunga”s side dish? And is she the reason why they broke up? Because if one thing’s for sure, Omuhle may have had a hand in Lunga’s and K Naomi’s break up.

The argument then ended with Omuhle making this statement:

twarYiks! Ladies play nice..