A woman bit off her sex attacker’s tongue to ensure she got enough DNA to get him convicted.

Adele Barber, who was raped around ten years before this incident, revealed her extraordinary story on This Morning.


Discussing what was going through her head as he assaulted her, she said: “I thought ‘I will bite down as hard as I can, catch as much DNA as I can, show it wasn’t consensual and cause as much pain as possible’.”

The brave woman was walking through an alley at 5pm one afternoon when a man brushed past her.

She thought nothing of it until she could here him running behind her and pushed her against a fence.

When he put his tongue in her mouth, she bit down as hard as she could, taking off the tip off his tongue.

Adele says her attacker appeared to enjoy the pain, so she continued to claw at his face in order to get more DNA.

Bit-off-attackers-tongue (1)


Fortunately this time the police managed to match the DNA from the piece of tongue after he attacked another woman.

He has now been committed to a psychiatric unit.

Amazingly Adele only wants the best for her attacker, she said: “Hopefully he can get the treatment he needs and he can start his life again.”