NEIGHBOURS heard the wailing of the young woman in the house next door.

They thought she was being raped, so they phoned the cops . . .

The neighbours demanded that they come and save the poor woman.

But she wasn’t a victim and she wasn’t being raped – she was just having the best sex of her life!

It was at about 3am on Friday morning when heavily armed Bekkersdal cops surrounded the shack in Spook Town.

They were prepared for anything, but when they forced their way in, they found a 24-year-old woman sitting on top of her lover, who is in his 50s.

She raised her hands and jumped off the man.

Then she demanded that the cops go outside.

Five minutes later, the angry woman came out of the shack and gave the cops a piece of her mind.

“She told us the man was her boyfriend and she was not being raped,” said an embarrassed cop.

“We got back into our vehicle and drove back to the station.”

The couple who can’t be named said the cops invaded their privacy.

“If I was being raped they wouldn’t have found me on top of my man,” said the woman.

“What could have happened if they found him on top of me?

“They might have thought he was raping me and arrested him for nothing.” The defiant woman said people must mind their own business.

“That man is mine and we are going to continue enjoying ourselves.

“We are going to scream even more,” she said.

“S*x is nice and if your man is gifted, why not make the best of it?”

Bekkersdal cops confirmed the incident and said a case of rape wasn’t opened as the woman assured them she was not being assaulted.

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