The singer posted a snap with her daughter, Thingo. Instead of getting love; her Instagram fans went on the attack.

Fans highlighted that her armpits were unshaven in the picture.

@Sophieseopela and many others wrote “you forgot armpits sisters.”

With some keeping it as simple as @Randy_suu saying: “Your armpits!”

But Kelly is not one to take any criticism she responded by saying:

“Ayi kabi ladies, I will shave when I feel like it and when I want to, my page is not to please you or try to portray a perfect image of me. There are times where I don’t feel like combing my hair or shave or take a shower and I won’t and that won’t stop me from posting a pic of myself looking that way simple because I am not ashamed of myself no matter how I look. So if it bothers you that much you are more than welcome to unfollow, this is my page and I will do as I please not the other way around. I am not here to please anyone.”

However other fans went on to highlight that as a public figure she must shave.

@Shnukumsss “I know you not here to please anyone and you can do whatever you want at anytime and anyplace. Just thought you forgot to do it or you didn’t see it when taking a picture… so I was just reminding you. Better have honest fans those who tell you the honest truth than the ones who just want you to follow back #beainghonest ”

@mpho_popo1 said:  “Honesty doesn’t fool any observation; shave if you are public figure. Try to be clean like others look how clean Mabu she is.”

@mpho_popo1 Uyaya for what?  To please you, Never! Go Jump in the nearest pool and see if I care. Mawuzwa ukuthi uyaju thatha isaka uzesule.”

The conversations also turned to being a little battle between the fans.

With Kelly finally laughing it off saying: “Next times they’ll tell me how to take a dump in my own toilet.”